This project is temporarily shut down, but the next iteration is in progress!

Welcome to BTCPredictions! This web application uses artificial intelligence algorithms to try to predict future values of currency pairs, cryptocurrencies, and (hopefully) many more assets as we move forward. At the moment it is completely free to sign up and see the data. The only information required is a valid email address. Please feel free to sign up, view the data, and leave feedback. Constructive feedback is always appreciated! I am also happy to answer questions. You can contact me at by email at You can also reach me on Twitter @BTC_Predictions or on Facebook.

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If you are a developer interested in doing some work on this project, please contact me at I am looking for some awesome engineers who can help me out!

Maintaining and improving this site requires not only a lot of time, but a lot of money as well! Donations help a lot and are much appreciated!
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